Through his continued academic appointments with ACU and UTS, Rob is involved in several schema related research projects, and publishes frequently in the area. In 2016, Rob was recognized at the Bi-Annual ISST Conference as ‘Young Researcher of the Year’ for his research into schema modes in pathological worry. See here for a youtube clip outlining this research and award.

Recent Publications


  1. Roediger, Stevens, Brockman (2018). Contextual Schema Therapy. New Harbinger.


Research Articles

  1. Brockman & Calvert (2017).
  2. YSQ in Aged (2017)
  3. Schema Therapy and Eating Disorders
  4. Video Feedback in Supervision
  5. Emotion Regulation Strategies in Daily Life.

Current Projects

  1. Schema Modes in GAD (link to article).
  2. Schema Modes in Delusions.
  3. Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders.
  4. Schema Therapy in HIV Patients.
  5. Early Maladaptive Schemas in Sex Offending.
  6. Schema Processes in Gambling Addiction.
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