Coalface 2019

On the 20th February (2019) the first ‘Schema Therapy at the Coalface’ event was hosted at Australian Catholic University North Sydney. The event was designed to bring together Sydney-based schema therapists and researchers to engage as a community at a free professional development event. Presentations and related materials have been shared below:


  1. Daniela Ho Tan: Cross-Cultural Applications of Schema Therapy
  2. Dr. Melanie Babooram: Schema Therapy for Chronic Pain
  3. Dr. Andrew Phipps: Self-Sacrifice in Schema Therapists: Superpower or Kryptonite?
  4. Claudia Mendez: Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders
  5. Cathy Pearson: Practical Application of Individual Schema Therapy in Adult Community Mental Health
  6. Dr. Xi Liu: Schema Therapy using Online Consultation Technologies
  7. Dr. Rob Brockman: From Positive Schemas to Psychosis: New Directions in Schema Therapy

Supplementary Materials

(a) Testing a Schema Model of Delusions: Slides from Research Presentation at Inspire Amsterdam 2018

(b) New Research Paper: Imagery rescripting for the treatment of trauma in voice hearers: a case series

(c) iMAgery-Focused Psychological Therapy for Persecutory Delusions

(d) Positive Clinical Psychology and Schema Therapy (ST): The Development of the Young Positive Schema Questionnaire (YPSQ) to Complement the Young Schema Questionnaire 3 Short Form (YSQ-S3)

(e) Understanding Your Superpower Floatback Exercise – PDF – Handout

(f)  Understanding Your ‘Superpower’ – Therapist Float-back – Audio File – 

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