Mode Cards

New Resource: Inner-Active Cards – For Parts Work (Ready to Ship)

Inner Active Cards for Parts Work – 2nd edition with 11 additional cards. Inner Active Cards are an accessible and effective way to give an image and voice to our inner emotional states and mind chatter; the sub-personalities within us called ‘Parts’ or ‘Modes’. This boxed set contains 62 durable color illustrations depicting commonly seen Inner Parts/Modes, plus ten blank cards for creating your own Images/Parts. Perfect for therapists and patients engaged in mode work who would like to make the therapy more visual. Great for engaging mode formulations and building mode awareness. 50AUD price is inclusive of 10% GST (for Australian orders), Paypal Merchant fee, and free standard shipping anywhere within Australia. Click PayPal icon below for instant debit/CC orders. For large (bulk) orders or overseas orders for other countries email us at for a quote including international postage. See publishing website for more info on these cards.


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